Wednesday, February 4, 2009


  1. I have always wondered if I could get tattoo to cover up my vetiligo, but have wondered if it would be a good idea or not. How have the tattoos you have been doing? Any issues?

  2. Hi,
    I've seen your youtube video. I also have vitiligo. I was diagnosed with it when i was 16, i'm 27 now. I have it all over my face, my legs, hands and arms. People tell me that from far away i look like i'm "rockin'" a full sleeve tattoos. I think that's because as a brown man, the white spots really stands out. i just want to answer your question about vitiligo experts. I not sure if you know it or not. in los angeles, california there's a doctor by the name of Dr. pearl grimes. she is the leading expert on this condition, the only downside is that she's not cheap....i stop going because the expense is too much. (i live in long beach, ca) I have a myspace, you can check out how much vitiligo i have. (4-strings slapper on myspace.)

  3. I have vitiligo on my hands and just under my chin and will be meeting with a tattoo artist this weekend. are you happy with how it worked for you?

  4. hi,
    looking at the photos you have a classical case of generalised vitiligo,with these kind of patches you are better of with melanocyte transplant surgery,i have treated these kind of patches with melanocyte transplant surgery and they do well to respond with this treatment you can consider this as one of the options for your vitiligo as this will give you natural skin colour.
    another problem you should consider in tattoing is if this is done when your patches are increasing there is a possibility of your existing patches increasing in size due to the truama assoicited with tattoing.
    dr vivek

  5. Hey,

    I am looking for a tattoo artist, who would tattoo over my vitiligo spots with my skin color. I had a small area done years ago, and it worked. I live in Los Angeles, let me know, if you know someone, who could help me with this.

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  8. Natural Treatment for Vitiligo that will support you gets your clear and smooth skin for not also extended. It is vital to see a health professional to evaluate your specific situation, offer an exact diagnosis and for treatment.

  9. Those are beautiful tattoos that will help hide vitiligo stains.Thanks for sharing. But I feel we as a society have failed when vitiligo patients feel the need to hide their scars. My friend cured her vitiligo by consulting homeopathy doctors in Thane